Three Best Pro Club Tactics in EA Sports FC 24

  • Having highly rated players is one of the ingredients for winning matches in EA Sports FC 24's Pro Club game mode. But if you want to get highly rated players such as Messi and Haaland, then you may need to spend a lot of FC 24 Coins. However, having good tactics is equally important, as players need to have a way of playing to have a better chance of winning the game.

    Players can adjust the in-game settings to suit their style and kick the ball in a certain way on the pitch, whether it's a long ball, a counter-attack, or a tiki-taka. There is also a way to change your playstyle mid-game, with 5 different slots corresponding to 5 tactics, meaning players have a lot of freedom in their tactics.

    Quick passing and ball control

    Popularized by legendary manager Pep Guardiola during his time as head coach of FC Barcelona and now Manchester City, Tiki Taka is one of the most famous tactics in world football. For this tactic, players need to think about passing the ball first, quickly moving the ball between teammates, and not letting the opponent have too much possession of the ball. Players need to stay disciplined and not break out of their own style of play for Tiki Taka to function most effectively, as it is a very team-oriented tactic.
    Game plan

    Defensive style: Balanced
    Team Width: 25
    Depth: 50
    Accumulation Game: Slow Accumulation
    Creating chances: possession of the ball
    Width: 40

    For this tactic, players should develop a customized tactic with a balanced defensive style and possession-focused offense, as well as a relatively narrow team width as players are closer together, allowing for shorter and longer Quick pass. This tactic can be used with any formation of 4 defenders. However, most narrow formations such as 4-1-2-1-2 (2), 4-2-3-1 or any 4-3-3 variation work best. Players should avoid using Tiki Taka's 5-at-the-back formation, as 5-at-the-back is better suited for counter-attacking or defensive teams.

    Vertical Counterattack
    Long Passing and Defensive stability

    The vertical counter-attack is a tactic that is more practical than fun, looking to utilize quick wingers, midfielders with good long passing ability and tall forwards. This tactic is extremely valuable, and headers and volleys are quite powerful in EA Sports FC 24. Players can release wingers with long passes past the opponent's defense, while tall forwards will be able to tally goals with ease through precise crosses.

    Game plan

    Defensive style: heavy contact pressure
    Team width: 50
    Depth: 25
    Organizing the offense: long pass
    Create opportunities: direct pass
    Width: 75

    A formation with 5 defenders makes the most sense for this tactic as the backfield players will be safe while also providing space for the wingers and forwards to pass long balls. A back 4 formation can work, but it is important to have a CDM to help defend and help initiate counter attacks. Once the ball is regained from the opponent, the wide players must start running down the flanks for this tactic to work most effectively, while the passing midfielders need to use their mini-map to locate the run. Forwards must also be alert to ensure they beat defenders into the box and win headers. A big tip is to try to get crosses into the box early as they will have more curve and power and make it harder for defenders to win due to the momentum of the cross.

    High pressure and fast attack

    Gegenpress is a tactic in German football based on winning the ball from the opponent as quickly as possible in the final third. Players must be willing to chase opponents while also adapting to a high defensive line, so it is vital that the team has many fast and physical players.
    game plan

    Defensive style: constant pressure
    Team width: 50
    Depth: 100
    Accumulation game: quick accumulation
    Create chances: Go forward
    Width: 75

    Any formation should be used with Gegenpress. However, most teams will opt for a back 4 formation as the team will have more players on the pitch to increase their chances of getting the ball up front. Players need to be ruthless and make the most of their opportunities, making precise passes, clinical finishes and controlling play in high-pressure situations. The setup of forwards running to create chances helps because once the players win the ball back there is a lot of support.

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