Newbie Druids Must See - Best Upgraded Builds for Druids

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    The best Endgame class in Diablo 4, I think it must be Druid, but Druid is almost recognized as the worst class, because it is very difficult to raise Druid to the highest level. In order to let everyone experience To this best Endgame class, we have to solve the difficult problem of druid leveling up.

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    We can solve this problem with some easy-to-upgrade builds. But please note that this upgrade build is only for upgrading and helping you complete this painful process, it cannot be used as your endgame build. That is to say, you only use it in the process of level 1-50, and when you reach the highest level, you have to replace it with other better endgame builds.

    The best upgrade build for this is the Lightningstorm Druid. The skills are mainly composed of Poison Creeper, Lightning Storm, Storm Strike, Blood Howl, Hurricane, and Wolves. You may need the four Key Legendary Aspects of Aspect of Disobedience, Overcharged Aspect, Aspect of the Tempest, and Nighthowler’s Aspect.

    The strongest period of Lightning Druid is the early game, because their AOE damage ability is very outstanding, and its requirements for Legendary aspect are not as high as other druid builds.

    Actually when you run upgrade druid, it's the last stat that matters the most. Although this build does not depend on the Legendary aspect so much, you can still enhance this build with the correct Legendary aspect.

    The core of this build is Lightning Storm, which is the source of powerful AOE capabilities. Not only does it clear weak but outnumbered enemies quickly, but it also immobilizes enemies. Everything else in the Lightning Druid build is meant to enhance or support Lightning Storm.

    The usual way of fighting is to gather the enemies together as much as possible, then use Poison Creeper to trap the enemies, then use Lightning Storm to kill the enemies, and trigger Hurricane in the process. Through this process, you can cause a lot of AOE crit damage, It is convenient for you to quickly clear the dungeon and provide a lot of experience for your upgrade.

    Of course, there are some problems with being able to build. The first is the single-target damage ability, and the second is the lack of Spirit. You can make up for the lack of Spirit by perfecting Lightning Storm and some Legendary aspects. Of course, Blood Howl can also help you alleviate this dilemma.

    Addressing single-target damage is more difficult, and your best bet is to play it safe. But your wolf will help you alleviate this problem, but you can't rely on it for everything. You don't want to completely solve this problem during the upgrade process. If you want to alleviate it as much as possible, you can first grab Stormchaser's Aspect, and then use Tornado instead of Lightning Storm. But Lightning Storm is better than Tornado in most cases.

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