Causes Of Damage To The Air Filter Regulator

  •    Six air and water contaminants can be significantly reduced by coalescing filters, so these are the most important parts of any purification system, often supported by additional air filter regulators to remove oil and dry particles. All these types of air filter regulators have replaceable elements or filter elements that need to be replaced periodically to maintain a constant supply of quality compressed air.

        Why change the filter?

        Compressed air filters are one of the hardest-working components in a pneumatic system, often operating under extreme or tough conditions. They are constantly subject to pressure changes, temperature changes, humidity changes, pulsating air demands, and chemical contamination from lubricant additives and acidic oily condensate. All of these factors degrade and weaken the filter element, so you need to replace the filter element every year.

        While users may factor in the cost of regular maintenance and purchasing replacement parts, this is trivial compared to the downtime and product damage that can result from filter element failure.

        The benefits of regular filter replacement include fully protected adsorption drying beds; adequate protection of downstream equipment, processes, and personnel; guaranteed the highest quality compressed air; reduced operating costs; increased operational safety; increased productivity and overall profitability.

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