Unable To Get To A Sink To Properly Lotion Pump

  •   In light of recent events and the new Novel corona virus pandemic that produces COVID-19, we have had questions regarding making your own hand sanitizer.

      Many stores are completely sold out of premade hand sanitizer as of late. (at least all of them in our neck of the woods) Because of this, many people have wondered about making their own hand sanitizer.

      Please take note that hand sanitizer should not take the place of good, and thorough hand washing.

      CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water whenever possible because hand washing reduces the amounts of all types of germs and chemicals on hands. But if soap and water are not available, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol can help you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.

      When using hand sanitizer, apply the product to the palm of one hand (read the label to learn the correct amount if using store bought) and rub the product all over the surfaces of your hands until your hands are dry.

      Hand sanitizer is wonderful if you are out and about and unable to get to a sink to properly wash your hands.

      Ingredients Needed For Homemade Hand Sanitizer

      ⅔ cup 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

      ⅓ cup Aloe Vera Gel

      10-15 drops Essential Oils

      1 Cream Pump and Empty Essential Oil Bottle or 30ml Boston Round Bottle (the regular spray caps won’t be good for this DIY. Make sure to get the lotion pump head as they allow thicker liquids to be dispensed.

      Optional – 15ml Silicone Holder (if using empty essential oil bottle)

      Essential oil suggestions: Lavender, Tea Tree, or a Protective Blend


      Learning how to make a hand sanitizer is easy!

      In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Pour mixture into the desired container and clearly label that it is a hand sanitizer.

      Yields: 1 cup or 8 fluid ounces. The mixture will fit in a 30ml glass bottle with a cream pump fitment or two 15ml essential oil bottles with a cream pump fitment.

      Directions: Shake well before use. As needed dispense 1-2 pumps and rub hands together until completely dry.

      Note: The CDC recommends hand sanitizers be at least 60% alcohol. This recipe’s alcohol content is slightly higher than 60%. If you would like the alcohol percentage higher reduce the amount of aloe vera.


      Making up some DIY hand sanitizer is just the first step. Next, you need to make sure you have it with you when you need it and can’t get to a bathroom to properly wash your hands.

      What we have found works really well for us, is to reuse an empty essential oil bottle (15ml is a great size). Fill it with the homemade hand sanitizer that you made and added your protective blend essential oil of choice to.

      Top it off with a cream pump (make sure to trim the straw to the height of the bottle before putting the cream pump onto the empty bottle.

      Next, slip a silicone holder onto the newly made hand sanitizer. This allows you to easily attach this hand sanitizer to backpacks, purses and the likes. This is definitely great for moms to send to school with their kids.

      We keep our hand sanitizers in our glove boxes in our cars, purses, and our kids’ backpacks.

      If the 15ml bottles are too big for you, you can use the 5ml bottles and 5ml silicone holders.

      If both of those sizes are too small, you can use a bigger bottle, which is perfect for home or office use. They just won’t fit into the silicone holders and would be best just left on a desk or hard surface.


      There are lots of reasons and places you might want to keep a small hand sanitizer. It’s just as easy to make one or two up as it is to make up some extras. Below are a few of the places we have either used hand sanitizer or think it’s a great place to think of having one.

      College classrooms and dorms

      Work – whether you keep one on your desk if you have a desk job, or if you are around lots of public, having a personal hand sanitizer for your use at work is a good idea.

      Gym – The gym is not always the cleanest place. Lots of hands touch weights and machines. Tuck a bottle into your gym bag.

      Key Rings – Our silicone holders have a carabiner attached to it. Throw one onto your keyring so as long as you have your keys, you always have a bottle of hand sanitizer.

      Purse – You can make a hand sanitizer in any size bottle you want when you make it yourself. Make a size that is perfect for you to tuck into your purse. Again, you can always attach it with the carabiner to your purse strap.

      Kids Backpacks – Got school-age kids? Attach one to their backpack zippers so they can visibly see it and remember to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

      Gifts – Want to help make sure your loved ones are prepared? This makes a great gift.

      First Aid / 72 Hour Kits – Make sure you have a hand sanitizer in each of your emergency kits.

      Glove Boxes – As mentioned, if you keep one in your glove box, you will hopefully always have one with you if needed.


      We hope that this gives you some ideas on staying prepared during this epidemic/pandemic. We really do care about you our customers and wish for everyone’s health and safety.

      Please remember that while we take many precautions from getting sick and preventing illness. If you get sick, please do not hesitate to contact your primary care physician or your nearest clinic.

      Remember to wash your hands well, use hand sanitizer when you can’t wash, and stay home when you are experiencing illness to help prevent spread to other people.

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