Work Flow Of Cam Buckle Straps With Hooks


    We can see cam buckle straps with hooks in many places, so I wonder if you have paid attention to the material of cam buckle straps with hooks?

    Polyester fiber strapping The editing fiber flexible strapping (polyester fiber strap) has high strength, and the material is as strong as steel; it is light and soft, and weighs less than 20% of the iron sheet; there is no sharp edge that will damage the goods, and it will not be used when used. Scratch workers. Will, not rust or rot, will not be deformed; suitable for a wide range of temperature and climate, can work normally at -40 ℃-130 ℃; has extremely strong linearity and system tension; it can buffer huge during transportation Impact force; good flexibility.

    It has very good ductility and tightness, and the texture is soft and does not damage the surface of the goods. Special packing buckles are required. If there is a large load binding requirement, a manual plastic belt tightener must be used.