About The Use Of Ratchet Strap Manufacturer Products

  • Now in the process of hoisting goods, ratchet straps and other products produced by the ratchet strap manufacturer are often used. So what should we pay attention to when hoisting?

    When installing equipment on a frame or building, its strength and stability must meet the requirements of the installation conditions. After the equipment is installed and positioned, it must be connected and fastened or welded according to the requirements of the drawing, and only after the strength and stability required by the design are met, can it be disconnected, otherwise it must be temporarily fixed.

    The rolling method used in the civil construction method to load and unload mobile equipment, the thickness of the roller bars should be the same, and the annual width should be 50cm longer than the width of the pallet. It is strictly forbidden to fill the roller bars with gloves. When loading and unloading the truck, the slope of the rolling edge shall not be greater than 20°, the installation of the raceway should be flat and solid, the joints should be staggered, the rolling speed should not be too fast, and a slip rope should be used if necessary.

    In addition, a ratchet tie down strap can also be used in hoisting, and it can also be used on many occasions.