Understand The Lengthening Demand Of Ratchet Tie Down Strap

  • We have known the importance of cargo bundling from a very early time. Today, there are more and more tools that can be used for cargo bundling. Among them, a  ratchet tie down strap is used for bundling. Compared with the fact that sometimes the length of the strap is not enough, so we need to lengthen the strap, so when do we need to lengthen it?

    When using straps to bind objects, the length of the fixed end webbing is too short to be used, and the sling manufacturer is required to produce an extended version of the tightening device short strap. However, you need to pay attention in the production process, the lengthening of the short strap needs to be changed according to the actual strapping requirements, so do not lengthen it at will.

    The lengthening of the short strap part of the strap means that two strap ends need to be stitched, and the stitching of one strap end requires sufficient stitch length and suture thread, and these are based on the actual binding force Obtained.

    For strap lengthening, the ratchet strap manufacturer has its standards, so don't lengthen it voluntarily to avoid binding accidents.