Understand The Follow-Up Tensioning Device Of Ratchet Tie Down

  • Ratchet buckle is a kind of cargo bundling tool we use more. However, the effect of the ratchet buckle alone may not be so good, so under normal circumstances, we still use it with a ratchet tie down strap to achieve the best effect.

    The follow-up tensioning device can keep the external force at a fixed value and transmit a stable driving force. Even in the same working condition, the follow-up of the winch must ensure the requirements of the tension, that is, the tension of the winch is The feature of automatic, comprehensive automatic tensioning device is that when the rubber belt conveyor starts, its mode of action is a follow-up, and its mode of action is stable under stable operating conditions. Before starting the belt conveyor, the Increase the tension force required at starting, and then start the driving main motor, the belt conveyor starts to start, the tension force of the heat-resistant conveyor belt will maintain a high value in the starting state, and the conveyor will reach a stable operating speed, The tensioning force is reduced to the value of the tensioning force required for stable operation. The tensioning device does not operate during normal operation. When the tension changes greatly, the tensioning device starts to move and automatically adjusts the tensioning force.

    At this time, ratchet strap manufacturer will have a better effect than ratchet tie down strap.