Holding Device Of Over Center Buckle

  • You probably have seen cam buckle straps. I wonder if you have noticed that there is a small tool in the middle of cam buckle straps, which is called over center buckle. Today we will talk about the over center buckle .

    The cross member of the over center buckle, which is connected to the handle and extends parallel to the line across space between the legs, and is located in a plane offset from the side of the handle; the handle can be in the unlocked position and the locked position along the axis formed by the line In the unlocked position, the tension is released to the locked position. The tension cooperates with the offset of the first cross-member to keep the buckle in the locked position; the handle and the beam are integral structure; and the holding device, Used to keep the loop of the belt on the handle.

    The holding device includes a second cross member extending parallel to the wire. The utility model is characterized in that, in the locked position of the buckle, the safety belt passes around the first cross-member, and in the unlocked position, only the belt passes around the second cross member. The holding device also includes a part of the handle, the part being comprised of two spaced-apart holes in the handle. A connector, each end of which passes through an eye from the rear surface, and a device that prevents the end of the connector from being withdrawn through the eye.

    The combination of over center buckle and cam buckle straps are called cam buckle straps with hooks .