What Is The Central Structure Of The Ratchet Buckle?

  • We can see ratchet buckle in many places, especially near some container factories, ratchet buckle is very common.

    The middle part of the ratchet buckle body is provided with a strap fixing groove, and the middle cavity of the tensioner body is provided with a tensioning gear. The strap fixing groove and the tensioning gear are coaxial and are movably connected to the tensioner body through a bearing. A pair of symmetrical handle fixing plates are arranged on both sides of the tightening gear. Any handle fixing plate is fixedly connected to the main body of the tensioner. The tight gear meshes. The bottom of the middle position of the tensioner body and the bottom of the right end are each provided with an anti-skid support plate, and any anti-skid support plate is fixedly connected with the tensioner body. The strap fixing slot is composed of four sectors of the same size. The top end of the tension handle is provided with a non-slip cover, and the material of the non-slip cover is rubber.

    The most important role of the ratchet buckle is to secure goods, so it is the most commonly seen tool in cargo tie down and transportation.