Installation Notes Of Cam Buckle Straps With Hooks

  • There are many kinds of conveyor belt buckles that we can see. Today we will talk about the installation precautions of cam buckle straps with hooks .

    When transporting along the hoistway, we should pay special attention to the transportation of the frame head to prevent the triangular guide rail from being deformed due to collision, impact, deformation, etc., resulting in the abnormal fixing of the buckle.

    In the process of buckling a strong belt buckle, the U-shaped nails and the U-shaped buttonholes must be pulled out of the holes. That is, the U-shaped nails cannot pass through the buttonholes. Please do not use force to buckle, forcing the U-shaped nails to wear through the body. Such use will damage the head, internal cams, splint shafts, pulleys, hammers, and hammers. Even the splint shaft is broken and the pulley is damaged.

    In addition to cam buckle straps with hooks, we should also pay attention to the installation method when installing over center buckle .