About The Ratchet Strap Manufacturer

  • When transporting, moving or storing goods, a tensioner must be used. Therefore, the relationship between the tensioner, ratchet tie down strap and ratchet strap manufacturers is very close.

    The belt tensioner is a very important part of the belt drive system, because the belt will loosen after long-term use. The belt tensioner is responsible for providing stable tension to the belt, whether it is a new belt or an old belt. If there is no belt tensioner, The slack belt will slip and lose transmission.

    The belt tensioner is part of the gear train and plays a transitional role. Will not change the transmission relationship. This is to make the gear train more reasonable or to meet the layout of the entire transmission system. Tensioners appear in belt drives or chain drives. Yes, its function is to tension the belt or chain, reduce vibration and energy loss during its movement, and can change the position to make it the same as the driving gear. Its function is to change the steering but not the transmission ratio. This is called an elastic idler or tensioner.

    The elastic idler tensioner is always installed on the side of the slack belt and can also be used as a guide. The direction of the tension arm should be as parallel to the belt drive direction as possible. When installing the belt tensioner, be sure to carefully read the ratchet strap manufacturer using instructions on the structure and performance of the belt. Regardless of whether the belt tensioner is installed externally or internally, it must be installed as far away as possible from the driven pulley.