Introduction of Ratchet Straps from Ratchet Buckle Manufacturer


    What are Ratchet Buckle Manufacturers' Ratchet Straps?

    Ratchet straps are one of the most common types of tie-down straps and are designed to secure a wide range of sizes and weights as well as transport cargo. Ratchets are available in 1" wide, 2" wide, 3" wide and 4" wide models and are available in a variety of different lengths of webbing and hardware to best suit your securing needs. The ratcheting shoulder straps are made of polyester webbing that stretches very little and provides a lot of strength and durability to ensure your cargo doesn't shift out of place when properly secured.

    Ratchet straps are made with a ratcheting hardware mechanism that flows in one direction, allowing you to tighten the strap more tightly than the traditional hand force used in cam buckle straps. There are many different types of end fittings such as the popular E rail fittings, S hooks, wire hooks, loop loops, snap hooks, D rings and many different options for tie down hardware.

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