Precautions For The Cargo Tie Belt

  • A cargo tie belt is a fixed function used for Cargo Tie Down, transportation, movement, shipment, or storage. It will not fall off after being locked, is safe and reliable, is light and easy to operate, and protect objects from damage. It is a device for strengthening steel formwork and compressing wood planks, mainly used for tensioning.

    Structural characteristics of cargo tie belt:
    The cargo lashing belt is composed of tie-down straps, fasteners, and metal ends. The fastener is a manual tensioning device with a wrist force of 500N.

    The main purpose of cargo tie belt:
    Cargo lashing straps are mainly used to tie up items on trucks, trailers, ships, or tracks, as well as tie up and fasten steel, wood, and various pipe items.

    The scope of application of cargo tie belt:
    The lashing strap is suitable for vehicle towing and rescue. The tightener cannot be used for lifting goods. The ambient temperature of the tightening belt is -40℃~+100℃. When using polypropylene tightening tape, the ambient temperature is generally -40°C to +80°C. It is strictly prohibited to use in a high-temperature environment.

    The structure of the strapping device is varied. According to actual needs, when not exposed to ultraviolet light for a long period of time, the strength of the tightening band will decrease. Therefore, the tightening belt should not be used for too long in a place with strong ultraviolet rays. The blasting gun avoids working in molten metal, acid, glass plates, fragile objects, nuclear reactors, and special environments.

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