Introduce The Use Of Over Center Buckle

  • In our lives, the use of over center buckle is also very much, and many people may not know how over-center buckle is used. Today we will talk about the use of over-center buckles.

    The over-center buckle is connected to the loop of the connector extending in the first direction from the buckle and is used to tension and removably fix the belt extending in the opposite direction to the buckle to the buckle. The over-center buckle has a handle with a front surface and a rear surface. The handle has a pair of opposite side edges, and eyelets extending from each of the opposite side edges along a line extending through the handle, each eyelet being large enough, To enable the connector to have a cross member parallel to the line and located in a plane offset concerning the side edge through the handle.

    The holding device is used to detachably hold the loop of the strap on the handle so that the free end of the strap is located near the cross beam. The handle is pivotable about an axis defined by the wire, so that in the locked position, the handle covers the belt, while the free end of the belt is positioned around the cross member, and in the unlocked position, the belt is positioned only around the holding device.

    The use of cam buckle straps with hooks is more complicated than an over-center buckle, but it will also be more convenient.