What Is The Main Function Of Ratchet Buckle

  • Ratchet buckle is also called binding strap or bolter, which is mainly composed of fixed end and adjustment end. ratchet buckle can be widely used in logistics, truck transportation bundling and cargo fixing, and other fields.


    Ratchet buckle is mainly used to secure goods during transportation. When using, only need to effectively fix the fixed end and the adjusting end of the tensioner, then insert the webbing of the adjusting end of the binding belt into the metal handle of the fixed end, shake the handle vigorously, and adjust the binding force state. It is simple and convenient to use by one person.


    A ratchet buckle is a device for strengthening steel formwork and compressing wood boards, mainly for tensioning. Tighten with this device, and then fasten with a butterfly buckle. The operation is simple, and the efficiency is more than ten times higher than other tightening methods.


    In cargo tie down, it is very convenient for us to use a ratchet buckle.