Wide Application Of Snap Hook

  • Snap Hook Suppliers generally adopt a wire forming manufacturing process. The materials are generally stainless steel and iron. They are finally formed by electro-galvanized and planned surface treatment processes. They are lightweight, anti-corrosive, and anti-rust. They are very popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts.

    Stainless steel spring hooks made of stainless steel (also known as stainless steel spring buckles, safety hooks) are mainly used for load-bearing. The steel is solid, and its maximum load is about 500 kg. It is generally used for outdoor mountaineering. It can also be used for rock climbing, Swings, pet chains, etc.

    In addition to the above uses, spring hooks can also be used in the following fields:
    The spring type is equipped with a spring at one end of the valve, and the ordinary type is not equipped with a spring. When in use, it is matched with ropes, ascenders, descenders, slings, etc. In the field of fire protection, spring hooks are mainly used to protect firefighters from falling during operation and are also used in hauling systems. In the engineering field, the use of spring hooks is mainly to protect the safety of high-level constructors. The two ends of the safety rope are connected to the spring hooks with Safety Harness Buckles. The spring hook at one end is hooked on the semicircular loop of the safety belt, and the spring hook at the other end is hooked to other fixed buildings after climbing.