Fix cash app keeps crashing Android and iOS

  • Cash app is being widely used by people across the globe and day-by-day its users are increasing manifolds. Since it provides instant money transfer facility to its users, people have started to rely on the app for making any kind of transaction.

    However, at times users find it difficult to use the app as it keeps crashing or freezes sometimes. If you are also experiencing that cash app keeps closing, then worry not! This guide is quite helpful when it comes to fix a crashing cash app on your Android or iOS device.

    Why does my cash app keep crashing?

    Most importantly, the thing to note here is that why your cash app keeps crashing or closing. Well, the answer to this question is quite obvious. The similar situation arises when there is wide range of chipsets on your device or you have set high resolution for the particular application.

    Apart from this, if your device is running on a low memory or it has weak chipsets, then also one faces such an issue. But, you can always the issue by following the troubleshooting methods given in this post.

    Fix cash app crashing issue on Android

    1. Force stop cash app

    If cash app is crashing on your Android, then the first thing you should try is force stop it.

    1. To do so, go to the ‘Settings’ of your Android.
    2. Then, go to the ‘Apps’ section.
    • Select ‘Cash App’ from the list.
    1. Give a tap on it and then select the ‘Force stop’ option.

    Try to open Cash App again and see if it opens normally.

    1. Restart your Android

    At times, simply restarting the device helps in getting rid of such issues. Restarting a device clears the memory and makes your device run smoothly. Also, it helps fix some minor issues with the apps on your device.

    1. Clear app data

    In case the above methods do not help, clearing the data of apps is next best thing you can do. For this:

    1. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu of your device.
    2. Then, go to the ‘Apps’ section.
    1. Select the option reading as ‘Clear data/ clear storage’.


    1. Reinstall Cash App

    Before you begin to uninstall the app, make sure you remember your login info for the same. After that you can uninstall and reinstall the app once again. Doing so helps in such awkward moments.

    1. Clear cache

    Clearing the cache memory of applications and checking their permissions is the next best thing you can try in such a situation. For this purpose:

    1. Open the Settings menu of your Android.
    2. From there, go to the ‘Storage’ section.
    • Select the option reading as ‘Cached data’.
    1. On the next dialog box, tap ‘Okay’.

    Apart from this, you can also try to free up some storage space as it helps in resolving most of the common issues with the applications.

    Resolve Cash App keeps crashing on iOS

    If you are having problem while loading cash app on your iPhone, then the following methods will help you in solving the problem at the earliest:

    1. Reinstall the app

    If you are experiencing such a situation on your iOS, then the first thing you should try is uninstall and reinstall the app. For this, find the application on your device, hold it for some time, and tap on the cross icon at the top of the app. Once it uninstalls successfully, go to the ‘App Store’ and then install cash App once again.

    1. Reboot the device

    If reinstalling the application does not help, then you may try to reboot the device as it helps in fixing some minor issues with your iOS. Also, show patience, wait for some time, and then try opening the application again.

    1. Install the app update


    The most vital thing for using an application is to keep it updated. For this, go to the App Store and look for the available updates. If there are some updates, then make sure to download the updates immediately.

    If everything fails to help, you should try updating the software of your Android or iOS. This will definitely help you in getting rid of the issue.


    If cash app keeps crashing on your Android or iOS, then try these common fixes. Reboot your device, reinstall the app, clear cache, and install app updates.