Manage 2-step verification for a secure PayPal login

  • Want to add more security to your PayPal login process?

    If you wish to make your working account safer and more secure then undoubtedly you can do so simply by activating the 2-step verification. Adding security to the account is a mutual responsibility of the account holder and the Company with which he is linked. The Company has already offered your account with the in-build security feature but what about you?

    Did you take any initiative to make your account secure from any unauthorized access?

    If not, then it’s not late yet. You can do it now and here we will be covering the complete process of activating the 2-step verification. Have a look into it.

    Understanding the 2-step verification

    2-step verification is a method of adding more security to your account by enabling the same. The added advantage here is that the key to activate and de-activate it remains solely in your hands. You can de-activate the same anytime if you want to do so.

    You can set up a 2-step verification with the help of any authenticator app. However, the most widely accepted one is the Google Authenticator App. Every time when you step ahead for the PayPal login process, you’ll be notified with a unique six-digit code that the user has to enter to access his account.

    Here’s how to turn on the 2-step verification:

    1. Go for the account login
    2. Move to the “Settings”
    3. Tap on “Security”
    4. Hit on “Set-up”, following the “2-step verification” option
    5. Select to use an authenticator app or receive a text, then click on “Next”
    6. Link your phone or authenticator app by following the prompted instructions
    7. Set up a backup method for a safer side
    8. Bang on “Done” to complete the activation process

    How to turn off the verification setting?

    Don’t want the verification process further?

    No worries. Let’s turn it off by following the below-laid steps.

    1. Move to the “Settings”
    2. Tap on “Security”
    3. Hit on “Update” > “Turn Off”
    4. Bang on “Turn It Off”

    Closing Thoughts

    By following the steps covered in this read, you’ll be able to activate or de-activate the 2-step verification as an added layer of security to your PayPal login account. You can also select the “Trust this Device” option if you wish to skip the verification process.