The method and characteristics of metro nut and bolt are introd

  • metro nut and bolt are an important part of railway switches, and are one of many railway accessories, and need to be welded when the rail is used. metro nut and bolt have different welding methods, such as arc welding, gas welding, flash welding and thermite welding. Each of these rail welding methods has its own characteristics, in order to increase everyone's doubts and grasp more relevant information, the rail clamp manufacturers will summarize and explain this problem. Track pressure plate manufacturers

    1. Arc welding methods include forced forming arc welding, automatic narrow gap active gas shielded welding, etc. The static bending, drop weight, fatigue and mechanical properties of rail arc welded joints are higher than those of thermite welded joints, and close to those of flash welded joints and gas welded joints.

    2, pressure welding, welding area no casting organization, the temperature gradient of the joint is small, the crack sensitivity is very small, no need for high-power power points, mainly used for on-site joint welding.

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    3, the more widely used is flash welding, according to the different welding process, rail flash welding can be divided into intermittent preheating flash welding, continuous flash welding, which continuous flash welding than intermittent flash welding more energy saving, process stability and joint reliability.

    4, thermite welding does not require power supply, simple equipment, fast welding speed, low processing cost, especially suitable for field operations.

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