Popular Home Decoration Applications Of Velvet Fabric


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      Velvet is a popular fabric, its shimmering nap, soft and luxurious appearance is easily recognized. Like many other fabric types, it can be woven with various yarn fibers, but its manufacturing process is unique because velvet is woven from evenly distributed yarns distributed horizontally and vertically, and is cut to a very low pile of hair gives velvet luster and softness.

      Velvet is a versatile fabric used for interior decoration.

      Velvet upholstery fabric-velvet upholstery fabric is a kind of soft, rich, and deep furniture interior. It is the first choice and is usually used by interior designers and decorating designers. Natural fiber velvet fabrics (such as silk and cotton fabrics) are usually the more expensive option, but the cheaper blended fabrics of man-made fibers are an excellent choice for very similar looks at very affordable prices. Velvet decoration can work well on both casual and formal occasions.

      Velvet curtains and curtains-When luxurious accents are needed, velvet curtains and curtains are usually used, usually in more formal environments.

      Different types of velvet interior fabrics:

      Velvet has a variety of structures and has various yarns or fibers. Here are some of the most popular types of decorative velvet fabrics:

      Lint-is a soft, soft fabric, the fluff is easily crushed. It is usually mixed with another fiber (such as polyester) to enhance its elasticity. 100% cotton velvet has a soft matte effect but can be blended with viscose fiber to increase luster and strength.

      Velvet-a luxurious and expensive fabric woven from natural silk, which is obtained from the cocoons of silkworm larvae. It is soft, smooth, and has a high gloss. This is a delicate fabric and should not be used in large quantities.

      Cut flannel-is a velvet fabric with patterns cut on the surface of the fabric. Common patterns range from floral to geometric.

      Synthetic velvet-made of high-quality polyester, more elastic than most other velvet fabrics. However, the appearance and texture of synthetic velvet fabrics are different from those of velvet made of natural fibers, but when synthetic fibers and natural fibers are mixed together, a fabric with a very good appearance can achieve softness and resilience.

      Mohair Velvet-made from Angora goat hair. Compared with other interior velvets, it is very durable but expensive. Mohair velvet is a universal fabric for any piece of furniture. It is a heavier fabric with less luster than moat velvet fabric.

      Crushed Velvet-Crushed velvet has a speckled crushed appearance, which is produced by curling the velvet fabric during the drying process and then pushing the fluff in different directions. Our website is: https://www.qsf-group.com/product/hospital-curtain-fabric/