Velvet Fabric Manufacturers Feel That This Way Can Maintain Vel

  • All our velvets in qiansifang Velvet Fabric Manufacturers are hung inboxes. The development of these packaging boxes and packaging methods ensure that our velvet products can be successfully shipped to all parts of the world, arrive at their destinations in perfect condition, and can be used. This packaging also provides our customers with an ideal velvet storage space.

    It is impossible to prevent pressure marks on velvet. However, these will quickly disappear during assembly and suspension.

    Velvet must not be stored vertically, as this will make it difficult to remove creases.

    It is recommended that all velvet be dry cleaned only to maintain the best appearance of the pile.

    Lint is a delicate fabric, fluff is easily disturbed, but after careful treatment and a correct understanding of the nature of lint, products made of flannelette can be used for many years.

    If the pile is indeed crushed, the angle of the pile will change, which may cause the area of ​​the pile to appear brighter or darker in shadow. This is often called a pressure mark and can easily be mistaken for uneven staining.

    After unpacking, it usually takes a while for newly manufactured velvet products to adjust to the atmosphere. During this period, the pile will relax and lift, thereby improving the fullness and luster of the velvet.

    If any pressure marks persist, a light steaming or light brushing in the direction of the pile will also be beneficial.

    The design of velvet curtains cannot completely exclude all daylight, especially if the curtains are not lined, occasionally "pinholes" will appear. Such minor irregularities that can only be seen on close inspection should not be regarded as malfunctions, as they will not damage the overall appearance of the product.

    The stacking direction of the curtains-there is no strict rule for this, but the following methods can help you decide which one you prefer:

    Pile-up (if you brush your hand up and the fluff feels smooth, but if you brush your hand, it feels rougher and the fluff is disturbed) makes the color richer, deeper, and relax and bloom with the pile.

    Stacking down (as opposed to above) allows more light to be reflected from the velvet, so the shadows will remain brighter, and the stacking will remain fairly flat with more gloss, and any stacking interference will be easier to show, and It will take longer to complete. fell out.

    Flame retardant finish. Many flame retardant topcoats are classified as non-durable. Chemical coatings that are not resistant to liquids or water are used here, such as splashes caused by leaks or spilled beverages. Please check what your personal requirements are and make sure to order the correct, durable, or non-durable surface coating.