Polyester Curtain Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Selection


    Polyester Curtain Fabric Manufacturers introduce how to choose the correct curtain color:

    1. Color and room decoration color: When comparing fabrics, you can bring some leftovers with you.

    2. Color and wood products in the room: The color of the fabric can enhance and enrich the natural tone of the wood products.

    3. Colors and moods: light and soft, neutral colors coordinate cool colors, such as blue and some greens, for a calming effect; bright colors coordinate with warm colors, such as red and yellow, for stimulating effects; dark colors It makes people feel warm and comfortable.

    4. Color and feeling: In terms of feeling, light colors make the color darker because of the background; dark colors make the color lighter; warm colors can make objects appear smaller. In short, two very different colors are not available for smaller rooms.

    5. Color and room orientation: Warm colors make north-facing rooms feel warmer; cool colors make south-facing rooms feel cooler.

    6. Color and dirt resistance: Light colors are more likely to be dirty than dark colors.

    7. Color and light transmittance: The light color system has strong light transmittance, and the light can permeate the room through the window cloth; the dark color system has weak light transmittance and good light blocking effect.

    8. Color and personality: choose colors according to the above principles and personal preferences, and reflect personal style.

    Through the above introduction, Cheap Sheer Fabric Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.