Description of New Year's Countdown Event at Animal Crossing

  • The year is almost over. Fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons ushered in an extraordinary New Year celebration with fashionable hats, fireworks, and food from all over the world. On December 31, 2020, players can choose to participate in the celebration, go to the square, and participate in an exciting New Year party with local villagers. The New Year's countdown in Animal Crossing City starts at 11 pm, so players want to make sure they can show up in time and talk to everyone before the party ends.

    Technically speaking, the event will last a full day, with Tom Nuuk and Isabel starting at 5 o'clock in the morning in the square. There is a lot of preparation for this animal crossing event, from hanging up decorations to putting on cute clothes and party hats. Players also want to make sure that they will not go to bed at midnight, because after the countdown on January 1st, there will be a firework show from 12 AM to 2 AM. Players can celebrate with their own villagers, or invite friends from another island to enjoy the game and celebrate the new year.

    Players will want to talk to Isabel at Animal Crossing before the event because they will receive 5 Party Poppers and a light stick that can be used during the countdown. Players can also purchase 5 party poppers in a pack from Tom Nook for 300 bells. If Animal Voice fans want some holiday hats to celebrate, they can talk to Tom Nook and spend 500 bells to buy holiday hats. If you don't have enough bells, you can go directly to to buy, or you can buy ACNH Gold. According to ACBellsBuy, there are 8 different colors of party hats and silk hats to choose from, but Tom Nook only has 4 options for players to choose from each year.

    In addition, Animal Crossing: New Horizons ushering in the new year with fireworks. Players who wish to establish contact with Animal Friends can join them during the countdown and talk to them. Players will understand what each villager wants to do in the new year and what their new year resolutions are. Although players cannot answer with their own answers, when 2020 is over, what each villager hopes to achieve is very interesting.

    Players can also purchase different foods from all over the world to celebrate festivals through the Nook shopping kiosk. Players can buy these holiday snacks between December 26 and December 31, so they must make sure to buy them before the start of 2021. Spend the last day of the year on an animal tour with friends from other islands and villagers in their town: New Horizons will definitely be very lively, people will set off party firecrackers and watch fireworks. Hope this will bring another exciting year for game fans.