Animal Crossing: Visiting someone's island in a dream

  • Would you like to visit other people's islands in your dreams? What did you do with open dream ability in summer? Let me share my experience back then.

    First of all, I became a member of the Nintendo Online. When I started Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, I missed the software update notification, and then I could only navigate to Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Launcher through the Nintendo Switch homepage, Select update, update to Ver.14.0 version.

    After taking a nap on the small bed at home, I met Luna who was enthusiastic. She provided me with an address. I saw those who shared the island in a dream, and then I could choose to visit or receive. Before boarding the ship, none of the items in the inventory were left. I think I can only check it out. After choosing I want to dream, there will be a ready to ask, and then you need to enter a friend’s invitation code, and after confirming the island name, you can click Yes. Luna will explain some related working principles, and then visit a friend’s island without waiting for a friend to arrange Dodo when they are online, which is very interesting.

    When you jump back to bed and choose to wake up, all items including Animal Crossing Bells and tickets will be returned, and Luna will ask you if you want to share your dreams. If you choose to do this, all players, including players you don't know, can visit your island, even if you are offline. Of course, you need to tell them your 12-digit dream address code, and then they can see your character name and passport information, your island, your home, and the bulletin board posts you designed. Finally, upload your island status and dream address to Luna's dream library, and you can share your island.

    I also found that you can find Luna to turn off the sharing of your passport and the map on the island, you can also customize whether your dream address is public, and finally, you can turn off or delete your dream. In fact, I most want to dream of buy cheap ACNH bells, but everything in my dreams is fake.