Animal Crossing: New Horizons of politics banned from brand use

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular game on Nintendo Switch with many gamers. However, some offensive things have happened. To attract new customers, some companies and companies even use it as a tool for campaigns and protests. Nintendo has issued a set of formal guidelines for businesses and organizations, including in particular: "Please also avoid incorporating politics into the game."

    In the U.S election, Biden used Animal Crossing to release a virtual game logo in the campaign and hosted information about his campaign and voting methods in the game.

    "If we find that your activity does not follow our guidelines, or is harming or adversely affecting the community, we may ask you to stop such activities or use our content, and take appropriate measures, including prohibiting your future use Commercial use of the game."

    For millions of pastimes to enjoy the entertainment experience of games, we have shared some guidelines. All companies and organizations are requested not to use or quote games in your business, such as Animal Crossing Bells, ACNH Items, ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, and other pictures, insert your political slogans, etc. in the map.

    But ordinary players can still share their happy gaming experience with confidence. You can design and lonely island dream address, invite other players, and upload pictures and videos to popular websites and social networks.

    These guidelines are only relevant to enterprises and organizations, not to personal use. But earlier this year, some Hong Kong players used it to store the logo of the new Hong Kong and share the design of anti-China protest costumes, and it was finally banned. Nintendo's guidelines still cover these players who act alone. We need to pay attention to the political margins of Nintendo, but most players should just want to enjoy the game and not participate in so-called political activities.

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