Animal Crossing detailed version 12-11

  • Animal Crossing is slowly entering our real life. If you are lost in the next step, then take a look at my sharing of the Animal Crossing game. There are tips and tricks for crossing. Assuming you do have a game, please sit down and relax, relax in the middle of the game, let's get started.

    Considering how much work Animal Crossing has to do, just knowing where to start can be daunting. Not only must you solve a seemingly deep problem at the beginning, but you must also choose a place to place your tent, buy basic tools such as axes, shovels, and ladders, and unlock important facilities and services such as museums and upgraded residents. Then comes the process of bringing villagers to your island and attracting key talent. These beloved characters always bring opportunities to expand your catalog with special projects, so when they show up, it's worth chatting with them.

    In unmanned islands, first, you need to have crossing tools. Unless you have the best tools and the best equipment, you will not go too far in Animal Crossing. You can use magic items, which can buy tools from various sellers in the game, or you can use components scattered on the island to make your tools. For example: Animal Crossing Bells. Make sure to unlock the tool ring as early as possible, as it makes it easier to switch between tools, and make sure to upgrade the ax and shovel as soon as possible-the more advanced the tool, the longer it will last before it breaks.

    After completing the set tasks, residents can unlock and upgrade buildings and facilities. There are several convenience facilities and shops on the island, and residents can unlock and upgrade. To make the most of the island vacation experience, you need to add the following buildings and characters on the deserted island. Finally, you also need to manage resources, because resources are crucial in Animal Crossing: in terms of crafting and upgrading items, almost everything you can buy on the game island can be sold to the store. Such items as wood, rocks, gold nuggets, and clay are used in the construction of important items and structures. The island has a complete ecosystem of small animals, and residents can collect as many things as possible to donate to the museum on the island.

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