Old School RuneScape: Game Tips 4-1 Version

  • Today's article shares 10 tips for making gold. Due to the rich content of the article, I uploaded the article into two parts. Since its release, Old School RuneScape has been loved by young players and has a larger player base than modern similar games. Making gold in this game is very important because you need to buy some special in-game items and old school deposits, which can be used to purchase a membership without having to keep the account free. In Old School RuneScape, there are hundreds of methods for growing gold, and each method can be adopted. Prices in the game are usually set by large exchanges. Some methods of making gold are for members only, anyone can use other methods, but all methods can only be found Buy Runescape Gold.
    1. Cutting down any kind of trees will produce experience, so why focus on yew logs? This wood has a high demand for fire, so you can price it. In order to get the maximum benefit in the shortest time, players should be equipped with runes or dragon axes, and woodcut skills must be 75 or higher, although Sequoia fir requires level 60 skills. This is a common gold plating technique.
    2. Farms and birdhouses are repeatable activities that take a certain amount of time because they require you to cultivate literally. Depending on the skill you want to hone or the most profitable product at the time, this not only helps players hone that particular skill, but it can also be changed. Integrating birds into this combination can be very profitable, but building it requires some patience. The player must be a hunter of at least level 5 and have the skills to build and trap bird cages, which also requires level 5 crafting skills.
    3. If you have the skill to kill blue dragons, and every adventurer should do so, then don't choose a quiet country life, look for dragons, explore an adventurous life. Long high-speed fall on the skin and bones, while producing other booty and wealth of experience. The keel is a popular way to hone prayer skills. The armor fragments of the blue dragon skin can add points to ranged weapons and spells.
    4. Grinding unicorn horns You can grind into many different horns, some of which will provide experience after reaching a certain level, while unicorns will not. However, in this case, you can make money by selling products on large exchanges. Unicorn dust can be used for low-level and high-level poisons, which is important in the game, so you can make a considerable profit by selling it. Another advantage of this activity is that it does not require skills or special equipment, only ordinary labor.
    5. You don't need to put a net in the river or fish in a quiet pond. If you have a membership, please go there to get some real monsters and earn some decent gold coins in the process. Sharks have many uses in games. They can be used as ingredients to restore health and high-level food, which is essential for players to explore the dangerous parts of the game.