CNG Emulator Suppliers Introduces The Use Of CNG Pressure Regul


    CNG Emulator Suppliers introduces the daily inspection work of CNG pressure regulating equipment:

    1. In the daily work of the equipment, regularly check the working pressure and the indicator status of each road, and make a record, and timely feedback when you find that the problem cannot be solved, so that it can be properly handled.

    2. Operation and maintenance of CNG gas pressure regulating equipment:
    ①It is strictly forbidden to open the valve quickly, which can easily damage the equipment in the decompression skid.
    ②Regularly check the gas source pressure of the instrument and test the opening condition of the shut-off valve to keep the shut-off valve working normally.
    ③Ensure that the equipment and pipelines are clean and hygienic.
    ④During equipment maintenance, the pipeline must be depressurized, and maintenance under pressure is strictly prohibited.
    ⑤Equipment and pipeline maintenance are strictly prohibited from hot, if hot, a hot order is required.
    ⑥After maintenance, replacement should be performed again.