Cng Conversion Kits Factory Introduces The Requirements For The


    The function of the vaporizer is to convert the liquefied petroleum gas from liquid to gas through technical means, and then transport the gaseous liquefied gas to the workshop equipment through the pipeline regulator. Heating will completely deplete the liquefied gas in the cylinder, which has the functions of safety, reliability and stable pressure, which is beneficial to improve the production quality and utilization rate. The vaporizer can operate autonomously, and the equipment has the functions of a liquid-proof system, a self-priming residual discharge system and overpressure release.

    Cng Conversion Kits Factory introduces the main features of liquefied gas vaporizers:

    1. Independent gas supply website, free from external influences.

    2. The pressure is stable, safe and reliable, and is not affected by the external temperature.

    3. Forced gasification can save gas sources and reduce costs.

    4. The heating system of the liquefied gas vaporizer is automatically controlled with a high degree of automation.

    5. Has been tested and certified.

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