Cng Conversion Kits Factory Introduces The Use Skills Of Cng


    With the emphasis on environmental protection, buses and taxis in many cities have replaced refined oil with natural gas as fuel. A careful person may find that some car bodies are marked with liquefied natural gas (LNG), while others are marked with compressed natural gas (CNG).Cng Conversion Kits Factory Introduces The Use Process Of Cng

    Natural gas is a clean and environmentally friendly gaseous energy. Many fields will replace solid energy coal and liquid energy petroleum, but the storage and transportation of gaseous energy is not as convenient as solid and liquid energy. In order to facilitate the transportation and storage of natural gas, people pressurized natural gas into compressed natural gas in the early days. , This is called CNG.

    LNG is purified by natural gas extracted from the geology, compressed and cooled to its boiling temperature, and then turned into liquid. Generally, liquefied natural gas is stored in a low-temperature storage tank at -161.5 degrees Celsius and about 0.1 MPa. Its main component is the same as methane, which is re-gasified when used. After LNG is burned, it has very little air pollution and emits a lot of heat, so it is recognized as being on the earth.

    The cleanest fossil energy.

    Under the situation of increasingly serious ecological environmental pollution, in order to optimize the energy consumption structure, improve the atmospheric environment, and realize the economic development strategy of sustainable development, natural gas has been vigorously promoted as a clean and efficient ecological high-quality energy and fuel. Now, whether it is for industrial or civilian use, the dependence on natural gas is gradually increasing.

    The volume of LNG is about 1/625 of the volume of the same volume of gaseous natural gas, and its mass is only about 45% of the same volume of water. Its storage efficiency is 2.5 times that of the same volume of CNG. This makes LNG vehicles have a stronger endurance, generally up to 600 -Over 700 kilometers, especially suitable for heavy trucks and long-distance buses. In contrast, the continuous mileage of CNG cars is generally within 250 kilometers, which is more suitable for small households.

    Cars, buses and small freight cars.

    Generally speaking, both CNG and LNG natural gas have their own characteristics, and the most important thing is to look at their own choices.

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