Lpg Cng Switch Supplier Introduces The Use Of Gas Pressure Regu


    Lpg Cng Switch Supplier introduces the function of gas pressure regulator:

    The ideal gas supply system transports gas from the wellhead to the end user without a pressure regulator. The conditions for such an ideal supply system to be maintained are that the user demand is constant, the mine’s supply capacity is constant, and the two are consistent. The system can't actually exist. For this reason, the corresponding device-voltage regulator-came into being.

    The biggest function of the pressure regulator is to keep the gas at a stable pressure during use, so as to ensure that the gas appliances get a stable fuel-to-air ratio (the ratio of gas to air); the pressure regulator is used in the gas supply system to reduce the gas pressure, and Stabilize at an appropriate level that enables safe, economic and efficient use of gas.