About The CNG LPG ECU Launch Process

  • The working process of CNG LPG ECU is complicated and orderly, and the working speed is fast and orderly. Next, let's take a look at the launching process of CNG LPG ECU.

    When the engine is started, the electronic controller ECU enters the working state, and some running programs or operating instructions are transferred from the memory ROM to the central processing unit CPU. These programs can control fuel injection, ignition timing, idling speed, and so on. Under the control of the CPU, instructions are circulated in an orderly manner according to a pre-programmed program. The engine operating condition information needed in the program running process is provided by various sensors.

    When the engine speed and rotation angle signal (pulse signal) detected by the crankshaft position sensor CPS, the load signal (analog signal) (analog signal) detected by the intake manifold pressure sensor MAP, and the temperature signal (analog signal) detected by the coolant temperature sensor CTS are input After the ECU, it first processes the signal through the input circuit.

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