Understand The Working Fluid Of LPG Emulator

  • The ejector is a vacuum acquisition device that uses fluid to transfer energy and mass. It uses a certain pressure of water to spray out through nozzles symmetrically and evenly distributed with a certain side slope, and aggregates in a focal point, while LPG Emulator is a kind of vehicle used When gasoline is turned off, it will cut off and simulate the equipment of the injector operation.

    Since the jet water flow rate is very high, the pressure energy is converted into velocity energy, so that the pressure in the suction zone is reduced to produce a vacuum.

    The flow of the working medium is called working fluid. The working fluid exits the nozzle at a high speed, enters the receiving chamber of the ejector, and takes away the medium with lower pressure in front of the ejector. The fluid that is taken away is called the ejector fluid. Usually, in the ejector, the potential energy or thermal energy of the working fluid is converted into kinetic energy initially. Part of the kinetic energy of the working fluid is transferred to the ejection fluid. In the process of flowing along with the ejector, the velocity of the mixed fluid gradually equalizes, so the kinetic energy of the mixed fluid is converted into potential energy or heat energy instead.

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