The Role Of LPG Emulator

  • I believe everyone knows the computer emulator. I wonder if you have heard of the LPG Emulator .

    The LPG Emulator is a device that cuts off and simulates the operation of the injector when the vehicle is using gasoline, thereby avoiding checking that the engine warning light catches fire and possible malfunctions due to the injector disconnect data stored in the injection electronic control box.

    Several high-speed water streams will grab the sucked gas, pass through the contraction section of the venturi tube and fully mix and compress with the throat diameter, perform molecular diffusion energy exchange, and the speed is balanced. When the speed decreases through the expansion section, the pressure increases and the pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure and sprayed into the storage tank (pool) from the outlet, and non-condensable gas is precipitated. The water is recycled by the centrifugal pump to complete the suction process. Such a device is called an ejector. In this device, two fluids of different pressures are mixed and energy exchange occurs to form a mixed fluid with a middle pressure. The mixed fluid is divided into the gas (vapor) phase, liquid phase, or a mixture of gas (vapor), liquid and solid. Before entering the device, the medium with higher pressure is called the working medium.

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