About Timing Advance Processor

  • The ECU boosts the low-voltage DC power to a sufficiently high voltage according to the engine's working sequence (ignition sequence). The spark plug of each cylinder ignites the compressed high temperature and high-pressure combustible mixture to complete the work process. The Timing Advance Processor can change the spark advance time of the engine when driving on natural gas and restore the original spark advance every time it switches to gasoline supply.

    The system uses various sensors to detect the working condition information of the engine and send it to the ECU for analysis and calculation. ECU determines the initial ignition advance angle according to the position of the crankshaft, and calls the original data of the basic ignition advance angle from the memory according to the engine speed and load signal; then according to the sensor signal, the basic ignition advance angle is corrected; finally, it sends ignition control to the igniter signal. The igniter receives the ignition control signal sent by the ECU, turns on and off the primary circuit of the ignition coil at the best time, and the secondary winding of the ignition coil generates high-voltage electricity, which causes the spark plug to ignite and ignite the mixture.

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