What should I pay attention to when driving a natural gas vehic


    1. Before getting off the car every day, in addition to the manual inspection of the original car, you should also check the pipeline for cracks and oil leakage, and deal with it in time.

    2. After stopping for a short period of time, the main power switch and CNG cylinder valve must be turned off. In addition, there must be fire extinguishing equipment in the car. When parked for a long time, CNG should be used up. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the closed garage, inside, or repair the air supply system.

    3. Before starting the engine, first observe the fuel gauge and check that the fuel quantity in the fuel tank should not be less than 10L to avoid burning the gasoline pump due to insufficient gasoline.

    4. Before using natural gas, open the valve of the CNG cylinder, observe the amount of CNG displayed on the gas meter, check whether the pipeline is leaking, and check whether the fuel switch is normal. The pressure reducer and various valves and switches should work normally. Warning: When opening the gas cylinder valve, do not stand in front of the gas cylinder valve.

    5. When high-pressure natural gas is discharged, open flames are strictly prohibited on site.

    6. The car burns natural gas for a long time. It should burn gasoline for 1 hour every 500Km to prevent failure of the fuel supply system.

    8. The drain plug during decompression needs to be unloaded once a month to remove oil and condensate. The filter at the front of the pressure reducer should be cleaned every six months.

    9. The driver should always keep the air filter core clean.

    10. The CNG supply system shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the modified site every six months, and adjust the entire CNG conversion system as required.

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