Promotion of Clean Energy Vehicles


    Natural gas vehicles first came out in Italy in the early 1930s. The mass promotion of natural gas vehicles in China began on March 14, 1989, when the Zigong Rongxian gas station was officially opened, and it has been 32 years since. Compared with other types of clean energy vehicles, its promotion history can be described as long.

    Whether it is a compressed natural gas vehicle or an LNG vehicle, the technology in design, manufacturing, use, maintenance and supervision has been very mature. In particular, CNG cars have withstood the test of several life cycles from commissioning to scrapping, proving their technological maturity. For another example, the mixed combustion of natural gas and diesel can replace 85% of diesel; and if methanol is mixed with diesel, the replacement ratio is less than 50%.

    Moreover, due to the more reasonable "gas ratio" of 0.6:1 and below, more and more drivers are converted into natural gas vehicles. Therefore, most owners of natural gas vehicles can obtain substantial economic benefits.

    Therefore, natural gas vehicles are indeed the first clean energy vehicles that deserve to be promoted. Jiaxing Lineng Autogas Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces Autogas Conversion Kits such as CNG Injection Kits. If you want to modify the vehicle but lack parts, you can contact us.