Analyze the characteristics of compressed natural gas vehicles


    With the increasing environmental pollution caused by automobile exhaust, the world is seeking cleaner automobile fuels. Compressed natural gas vehicles have the characteristics of less pollution, high safety, good anti-knock performance, and good economy. Therefore, compressed natural gas vehicles have developed rapidly in recent years. The characteristics of compressed natural gas vehicles are discussed below.

    (1) Natural gas is a gaseous fuel with a high octane number, generally up to 120 or more, with strong anti-knock ability, stable engine operation and low noise.

    (2) It has little dilution effect on motor vehicle lubricating oil, good combustion performance, less carbon deposit in the cylinder, no need to replace lubricating oil and spark plug frequently, which can extend the service life of the engine.

    (3) Good stability in winter.

    (4) The acceleration performance of the vehicle is slightly worse than that of the gasoline vehicle.

    (5) The driving radius of a refueling vehicle is small, and the mileage of a refueling vehicle is lower than that of a gasoline vehicle. However, if gasoline and natural gas are filled at the same time, the driving radius of refilling is increased.

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