Why are "oil-to-gas" cars gradually losing the market?


    1. It is difficult to unify the standards of the "oil-to-gas" project. Many car owners are entangled in the annual inspection after the change. In addition, there are very few gas stations. There were many cars that had to queue for a long time before refilling. Many car owners are reluctant to "change the oil to gas."

    2. The price of "oil-to-gas" is a bit expensive. Generally speaking, the price of "oil-to-gas" starts at least 5000CNY, and according to different regions, the charges will increase. It is difficult for car owners to accept.

    3. The "oil-to-gas" gas tank has to be reviewed every year. Many car owners think it is very troublesome. On the other hand, such "oil-to-gas" cars also need to clean the engine frequently, which virtually increases the cost of maintaining the car for the owner. Moreover, because the exhaust temperature of natural gas is too high, the seat ring of the exhaust valve will gradually ablate, and other parts of the car will also be damaged. Some car owners have a gas tank on the back of the trunk. It is not very safe, and they dare not change the natural gas (actually). Above, through various tests, the safety of the gas tank is still very good).

    4. The "oil-to-gas" car has a short cruising range and a heavyweight, which takes up a large amount of trunk space. The density of natural gas is lower than that of gasoline, and the fuel value is not very high. As a result, the cruising range of the car is greatly reduced, and the difficulty of refilling makes many car owners reluctant to "turn oil to gas."

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