Viewing the LPG from physical properties

  • In terms of physical properties, LPG is stored in liquid form and used in gaseous form. On the one hand, the use of LPG requires decompression or heating to achieve gasification, and the volume will expand 250 times. The gasified LPG can be directly used for combustion, automobile fuel and other purposes. On the other hand, under low temperature or pressure conditions, LPG can be converted to liquid, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

    Compared with other energy sources, LPG has the following advantages:

    One is less pollution. LPG is composed of hydrocarbons, which can be burned completely without dust, reducing the pollution caused by coal and firewood as fuel in the past.

    The second is the high calorific value, the same weight of LPG calorific value is equivalent to 2 times that of coal.

    Third, it is easy to transport. LPG is a gas under normal temperature and pressure. It can be liquefied into a liquid at a certain pressure or frozen to a certain temperature. It can be transported by train, car tanker, or tanker.

    Fourth, the storage equipment is simple and the supply method is flexible.

    In addition to being used for combustion, LPG can also use its different components as chemical raw materials according to different processes. In terms of fuel, due to its high calorific value, no smoke, no carbon residue, easy operation and use, it has been widely used in the field of social production and life. In terms of chemical raw materials, the separated products of LPG can be directly used to produce synthetic plastics, synthetic rubbers, synthetic fibers and produce medicines, explosives, dyes and other products.

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