Can be used as a self-priming pump, can self-prime water

  •   External pump: An external pump can transport large amounts of water, but its energy cost is usually lower compared with the Submersible Sewage Pump. They are not as quiet as submersible pumps. The installation of an external pump is much more complicated. However, they are generally more reliable.

      It can be used as a self-priming pump and can self-prime water.

      If the power is temporarily turned off and then restarted, the non-self-priming pump may burn the motor. Prevent this by installing a check valve.

      It may be very loud and disturb the tranquility of your garden.

      Suitable for larger ponds of 1,000 gallons or more.

      Provides long-lasting performance and is easy to repair.

      Install the external pump in a dry location near the pond.

      It requires less routine maintenance than submersible pumps.

      Magnetic drive: In a magnetic drive pump, the electric charge generates a magnetic field, which causes the magnet on the impeller to rotate and pump water.

      Completely sealed. The magnetic pump does not require lubrication.

      Since they do not contain oil, magnetic drive pumps are safer for fish ponds because there will be no oil leakage.

      Don't create a high head height. Magnetic pumps cannot lift the pond water vertically, and you may need to supply water to the fountain. They are not the best pumps for fountains.

      It works best in a clean environment with little or no debris.

      Efficient and cost-effective.

      Since they have no seals that will wear out, they require little maintenance. Sometimes, you need to clean the impeller and its cavity to achieve the most efficient operation.

      Direct drive: The direct drive pump has an enclosed electric motor that is driven by electricity to turn the impeller shaft.

      Reach a high head height, so they can move the water vertically. They are one of the best pumps for fountains and waterfalls.

      It is usually more expensive to operate.

      Push water instead of pulling water.

      Not easy to repair.

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