Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake concerns life in Minecraft

  • Pokemon fans have wanted a Diamond and Pearl remake for some time now, but one fan has gotten it upon themselves to generate the beloved Sinnoh Region in Minecraft.

    While Pokemon trainers around the globe continue to battle and Buy Shiny Pokemon in Sword & Shield, many players are hungry for the next big adventure. Rumblings around the champion are already cropping up online since this past year, but The Pokemon Company has yet to announce anything.

    Mojang's realm of Minecraft really is limitless and players happen to be creating amazing worlds because the title released. From gigantic floating kingdoms to vast island paradises, often there is something new being created. However, Reddit user bubsy200 has recreated many early locations from Diamond & Pearl.

    The sleepy starting location of Twinleaf Town is carefully recreated and features its personal Furfrou and Ralts. A quick walk from the quaint town leads upon over towards the dense forest of Route 201. Everything from blocky trees, chapters of tall grass, raised platforms, and Verity Lakefront can be viewed here. Shiny Pokemon can be seen everywhere. While swarms of Starly and Bidoof don't take a look and feel, the wooded area is simply oozing with charm. After running through Route 201, bubsy200 enters Sand Gem Town and enters Professor Rowan's lab. The interior has become kitted out with Rowan's scientific tools and studies, as you move the Pokemon Center and Pokemon Mart include everything a trainer might need.

    Once bubsy200 has finished their tour of Sand Gem Town, they head to Route 202 and commence making their way up to Jubilife City. The city's towering buildings can you need to be seen throughout the trees and we're given an excellent aerial perspective as being the Minecraft player takes on the skies.

    To make matters better still, this project remains ongoing and bubsy200 aims to upload a fresh video once new towns are actually added. While official news all around the rumored new Diamond & Pearl remakes could be scarce, this fan creation proves has helped sate our hunger for your Sinnoh title.