Bucket Mould Ice Cream Cup Injection Mould

  •   This ice cream cup dimension : upper ø100.7mm, bottom ø77.9mm, height 84mm;

      Plastic material : SAN / AS, transparent plastic;

      Mould base : DIN1.1730 ;

      Cavity & Core steel : 718H steel with nitriding, Copper Be at the cavity side—for the ice cream cup bottom for better cooling;

      Injection system : 1 tip hot runner;

      Ejection system : 2 sliders moved by hydraulic cylinders, and ejected by stripper plate;

      Surface treating : mirror polish

      For transparent ice cream cup Bucket Mould Manufacturer, during production, it is easy to have welding line problems, so need experienced engineer to adjust injection parameters. Need to dry the plastic material in temp. 75 degree for about 2 hours, if dry for not enough time, it is very easy to have air bubbles and silk marks on the ice cream cups; if dry too long time, the color of the material will turn a little yellow.

      For transparent ice cream cups, the temperature of injection parameters are also very important, it’s better to connect a temperature controller for the ice cream cup mould cavity side.

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