What Are The Implementation Of Plastic Paint Pail Mould Modular

  •   1. Build a module library

      The establishment of the module library has three steps: module division, construction of feature models and the generation of user-defined features. Standard parts are special cases of modules and exist in the module library.

      The definition of standard parts requires only the last two steps. Module division is the first step in modular design. Whether the module division is reasonable or not directly affects the function, performance and cost Flower pot Paint Pail Mould of the modular system. The module division of each type of product must go through technical research and repeated demonstrations to get the division result.

      For molds, functional modules and structural modules are mutually inclusive. The structural module can have large structural changes in the local scope, so it can contain functional modules; and the local structure of the functional module may be relatively fixed, so it can contain structural modules.

      After the module design is completed, manually construct the feature model of the required module in the part/assembly space of Pro/E, and use the user-defined feature function of Pro/E to define the two variable parameters of the module: variable size and assembly relationship , The formation of user-defined features. After the user-defined feature file is generated, it is named and stored according to the grouping technique to complete the establishment of the module library.

      2. Development of module library management system

      The system realizes the determination of the module through two inferences, structure selection inference and automatic modeling of modules.

      The first reasoning gets the general structure of the module, and the second reasoning finally determines all the parameters of the module.

      In this way, the goal of module "plasticity" is achieved. In the structure selection reasoning, the system accepts the module name, function parameter and structure parameter input by the user, performs reasoning, and obtains the name of the applicable module in the module library.

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