Advantages Of Flexible Light Box Cloth

  • The advantages of flexible light box cloth are high modulus and high strength. In the process of making the light box, the light box cloth must be tightened on the side frame of the light box, so the light box cloth is under certain tension.

    In addition, wind power will also have a great impact on the light box cloth. Despite these external forces, the light box cloth still needs to remain stiff, so the light box cloth is required to have the characteristics of high modulus, high strength, and good dimensional stability so that it is not prone to slack deformation.

    The main factors affecting the modulus and strength of the light box cloth are the types and specifications of the yarns used, the structure of the base cloth used, and the process conditions of the subsequent calendering process. Currently, high-strength polyester filament yarns are widely used, which have high modulus and strength. The organization structure is generally a biaxial warp knitting organization, which can give full play to the high modulus and high strength characteristics of the yarn. On this basis, the use of appropriate formula and reasonable control of the calendering process conditions can improve the overall modulus and strength of the film and this transparent waterproof tarpaulin product.