Brief Introduction Of Sliding Lock Installation


    Locks protect the safety of our property and objects. Locks are used in many places. Doors, windows, cabinets, safes or other places involving finances and privacy will use locks. The current locks are not just a simple lock, but There are many accessories and parts. So, what are the hardware accessories of lock accessories? We all know that there are many types of lock accessories, and sliding lock is one of them.

    1. When installing a lock on a sliding door, just install the lock directly on the door cover and the door frame. If you want to lock the sliding door, you only need to move it to the position of the door cover. The lock installation of sliding door is similar to that of ordinary door. If you want to install it to look better after installation, it is best to use a lock specially used on the sliding door.
    2. The sliding doors of the two doors basically overlap, so it is definitely difficult to install the lock in the middle position. Therefore, install the locks on the sliding doors on both sides, and just open one at ordinary times.
    3. Some sliding doors have four doors. At this time, you can use small nails to fix the sliding doors on both sides, so that you can tilt and turn, and the horizontal rows in the middle can be more convenient to install with the lock. When the time, only open the two in the middle.