Zero gravity Chairs Improved Lung Capacity and Function

  •   Our new Zero Gravity line of recliners are more than just well-styled pieces to add to your home. They feature some of today’s leading furniture technology to bring you the many benefits of zero-gravity relaxation. Let’s learn more about what zero gravity recliners are, the science behind them, and their many benefits.

      What are Zero Gravity Recliners?

      Despite the name, zero gravity chair manufacturers aren’t going to float off into space (even though zero gravity technology was designed by NASA scientists and mimics the posture of astronauts during space missions!). Zero gravity refers to the recliner’s ability to obtain the ideal weight distribution to optimize blood circulation, reduce pressure on your neck, back, and legs, and give you the perfect angle of full relaxation.

      This reclined position is different than in a traditional recliner because it evenly distributes your body weight throughout the chair, which reduces the stress on different areas of your body.

      While this zero gravity position can be beneficial on its own, we have also combined our leading massage technology to further enhance this therapeutic experience.

      The Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners

      Zero gravity recliners are relaxing, but they also tote many other important health benefits. These include:

      1. Improved Blood Circulation

      One of the most obvious benefits of zero gravity recliners is that they can help improve your blood circulation. This is because when you’re elevated in the zero gravity position, your heart can easily pump blood throughout the body. When your heart doesn’t have to pump as hard, your whole body functions better.

      2. Improved Lung Capacity and Function

      Speaking of helping your whole body function better, another benefit of zero gravity recliners is that they can improve lung capacity and function. Not only will your lungs receive the blood that they need because of your improved blood circulation, but they will also function better because of the position itself. Your diaphragm helps your chest expand, which lets your lungs fill up with air. When you’re in a zero gravity position, your diaphragm can expand even more, meaning that your lungs can bring in more oxygen. These deep breaths are perfect for relaxation and bring more oxygen throughout the body. Deep breathing and relaxing in your zero gravity recliner can make you feel like a whole new person.

      3. Reduced Joint Swelling

      Improved blood circulation can also help reduce joint swelling and pain from conditions such as arthritis. According to the Northwest Float Center, which is a spa where people can float weightlessly in water, “patients in floatation chambers report significant improvement in muscle and joint pain, whether the pain is the result of injury, genetic predisposition, or is caused by stress.” A similar effect has been noted from zero gravity recliners.

      4. Reduced Back Pain

      If you suffer from back pain, a zero gravity recliner might do you some good. Because your weight is evenly distributed, you aren’t putting as much stress on your lower back as you do when you sit in a normal chair, stand, or go about your everyday life.

      5. Reduced Spinal Cord Compression

      Throughout the day, we put a lot of pressure on our backs and spinal cords. Whether you’re sitting for 8 hours a day at work, slouching in your car during your daily commute, are running errands, or standing on your feet all day, our backs go through a lot. All of this can lead to spinal cord compression, which can cause pain or stiffness in the neck, numbness in the legs, hands, and arms, and other symptoms. Zero gravity recliners help relieve this compression by taking the weight off of your spine.

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