An Expert's Basic Guide to "Surviving" Winter Camping

  •   Camping, when the weather is cold can seem a daunting task, but with the right gear there’s nothing stopping you enjoying the outdoors in the winter months. Winter Camping can be highly rewarding, as it offers a chance to camp at the quieter times of the year, meaning less congestion on a campsite, less bugs ruining your camping experience, and better night skies, with those clear, cold nights providing great views of the stars. However, having the right kit is absolutely essential, or you’ll definitely regret it!

      Here at Realgroup, we have compiled a list of useful products and handy tips to help you enjoy out of season folding camping bed manufacturers.

      Which Tents:

      Polycotton (also referred to as Technical Cotton) is a really good insulator, tents made out of this fabric are much better at trapping heat as well as being able to breath thus reducing condensation - making them ideal for summer as well as winter. Cotton is also more naturally waterproof than regular polyester, as well as being quieter and stronger in windy weather conditions. The only disadvantage of cotton tents, is the weight, they tend to weigh far more than a regular tent made of polyester, so if you're camping in more remote locations, without access to a car, then backpacking tents, would be more suitable.

      Winter Glamping at it’s best! Not only do these stoves keep you warm but they can also be used to cook food and boil water for those all-important brews! Yorkshire Tea of course.

      Low Profile "Backpacking Tents"

      As mentioned earlier, if camping in more remote regions without access to a car, or a long walk from the car, something more lightweight is going to be important for portability. Although the smaller, low profile tents do not offer the winter benefits that cotton does, they still offer a great piece of canvas, and protection from the elements, some examples can be found backpacking tents page.

      A WARM Sleeping bag:

      Arguably the most important piece of kit (other than your canvas) for keeping warm is your sleeping bag, especially in the colder months. Ideally we would recommend a 3-4 season sleeping bag. These typically have a higher comfort rating (somewhere around 0oc) meaning that if the outside temperature is 0oc you should be warm enough. This is however only a guide and will differ from person to person, as we are all different, and feel the cold differently. One thing is for sure, never go off the “Extreme” temperature rated on each sleeping bag, as this is only the temperature you would “survive” the night in. Always look for the comfort temperature, which should offer you the best night’s sleep. Furthermore, its always good to look for bags with double-offset construction, which is where there are multiple layers to the sleeping bag, to trap your warm air. A few examples of sleeping bags that meet these criteria are:

      Sleep Systems:

      As well as a warm sleeping bag, ensuring that you are insulated from the cold ground is essential for staying warm at night. For this we would recommend a self inflating mat rather than a standard airbed (which offers no insulation and traps cold air. A SIM is made up of foam and works in the same way as a sleeping bag, trapping your escaping body heat, therefore insulating you from the ground.

      If you prefer to be high off the ground, self-inflating mats work very well with the fold away camp beds, to provide the most comfortable sleep system, elevating you from the ground, whilst also offering superb comfort.

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