Top 7 Zero Gravity Chairs

  •   Top 7 Zero Gravity Chairs

      Now that you know our top choices for the best zero gravity chair let’s unpack our offerings in further detail. We’ll revisit our top models and look at other decisions we think are worth your consideration.

      Read through our buyer’s guide section to understand what you should expect from your zero-gravity chair. Our FAQs will give you more clarity on selecting the right zero gravity chair manufacturers for you.

      Zero Gravity Chair Buyer’s Guide

      Hanging out poolside enjoying some sun is so much more relaxing in a zero-gravity chair. These models make sitting easier on the back and hips, whether it’s on the deck or in the lounge in front of the TV. Zero-gravity chairs are popular throughout America, Europe, and Asia.

      In this section, we’ll look at everything you need to know before buying your zero-gravity chair.

      Why Do They Call it a Zero Gravity Chair?

      If you’ve never experienced sitting on a zero-gravity chair, then you might get the wrong impression from the title. A zero-gravity chair won’t let you start floating around the room. However, it does offer you a sitting experience where you feel like you’re weightless.

      You can maneuver the chair from a seated to lying position by pushing back with your upper back and lifting your legs. The chair will move with your body’s request, spreading out into a flat position. This movement is an effortless motion, and you won’t have to do anything to old the chair. Some models come with locking pins to allow you to fix the chair in that specific position.

      The idea is that a zero-gravity chair makes it easy to transition from one position to another, reducing pressure on the hip joints and your back. When we sit, our lower back and hips start to experience constriction of ligaments and muscles. Over time, these muscle imbalances can lead to the development of back and hip pain.

      It’s common for people to develop issues in the lower thoracic spine, the lumbar spine, and the hips. To resolve these issues, the affected individual will need hours of intensive physiotherapy to rectify their posture.

      A zero-gravity chair helps you to find the most comfortable seating position, avoiding pressure points in these vital areas. When purchasing your zero-gravity chair, it’s critical that you select a model that suits your body, your application, and your budget.

      There are all types of gravity chairs on the market, from cheap ones that you can take to the beach, to premium models that you use in your living room. It’s challenging to determine which are the best models if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a chair. In our review, we went through hundreds of models to bring you our top choices.

      How Do Zero-Gravity Chairs Work?

      You might find yourself how it is that zero-gravity chairs go their name, and how they work. Do you know what astronaut chairs look like in the space shuttle?

      They position themselves to pivot on an axis. This strategy allows the chair to move to accommodate different positions, and that’s useful for the astronauts. They can change the chair’s setup during takeoff when the craft is vertical and horizontal when the aircraft breaks into orbit.

      The chair allows the astronauts to move freely, giving a feeling of weightlessness and relaxation. Zero-gravity chairs have this concept included in its design. The chair pivots on a central point just below your hips, and allow you to sit down in a neutral position, and then adjust your seating to a more comfortable spot. All you have to do to move the chair is gently lean back and lift your legs. You’ll feel that the chair moves with your body and offers little resistance to where you want to go.

      At the same time, you’ll notice that there’s next to no pressure on your hips, lower, and upper back. As a result, you get a more comfortable seating position that’s supportive of your natural posture.

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